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Take the Mystery out of Bible Study

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CSB Seven Arrows Bible, Hardcover: The How-to-Study Bible for Students

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CSB Seven Arrows Bible, Black LeatherTouch: The How-to-Study Bible for Students


Seven Arrows: 

Aiming Bible Readers in the Right Direction

What are the Seven Arrows?

The Seven Arrows are seven simple questions designed to take the mystery out of Bible study.

What does this passage say?

What did this passage mean to its original audience?

What does this passage tell us about God?

What does this passage tell us about man?

What does this passage demand of me?

How does this passage change the way I relate to people?

How does this passage prompt me to pray to God?


Meet the Editors

>>Donny Mathis
Dr. Donny Mathis

Donny lives in Taylors, South Carolina with his wife, Amber, and their son, Trace. He is an Associate Professor of Christian Studies at North Greenville University in Tigerville, SC, where has taught for nine years, and is also a Lay Elder at Christ Fellowship Cherrydale in Greenville, SC. Donny is a graduate of the University of Kentucky (BS in Mechanical Engineering) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv in Higher Education and PhD in New Testament, Language, Literature, and Theology). Donny wrote his doctoral dissertation on Abraham and the Exile in Galatians 3:1-14. You can follow Donny on Twitter @dmathisii

>>Matt Rogers
Dr. Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers lives in Greenville, SC and serves as the pastor of Christ Fellowship Cherrydale. Matt is a graduate of Furman University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and received his PhD from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Matt writes for a number of evangelical organizations and speaks around the nation about the need for disciple-making and leadership development in the local church and is Assistant Professor of North American Church Planting at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. This all pales in comparison to the joy Matt finds in being the husband of Sarah and the father of Corrie, Avery, and Hudson, Willa, and Fuller. Find Matt online at or follow him @mattrogers_


About the Seven Arrows Bible

If you have ever wondered how to study the Bible effectively or how to teach someone to study it, the CSB Seven Arrows Bible is the perfect solution. This clear, orderly, and memorable guide for studying any passage of Scripture will equip you to love and apply God's Word for the rest of your life.



“Mathis and Rogers have come up with a creative, thoughtful, and practical way to teach church members how to study and apply the scriptures to their own lives. I especially appreciated the emphasis on biblical theology in interpretation and the role the church plays in application. The entire book is wise and useful and will help many to apply the Bible to their own lives.”


Thomas R. Schreiner

James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Donny Mathis and Matt Rogers have provided an incredible resource for the church. In an era where many have neglected the simple commitment to reading the Bible every day, Donny and Matt do us a favor by pointing us back to this basic discipline and providing a simple path forward to making it  a regular habit. You should read this book!”


Micah Fries
VP of LifeWay Research, LifeWay Christian Resources

“Rogers and Mathis’ Seven Arrows meets several significant needs in our churches today. It provides a discipleship resource for church members that centers on the Bible. It helps church members learn to read, understand, and apply God’s word. Best of all, it is reproducible: any church member can share it with another believer, getting that believer started in a life-long process of discipleship. Highly recommended.”


Bruce Ashford

Provost and Dean of the Faculty at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The church's ability to read God's word has been crippled over the past several decades. That's why I'm so thankful for Rogers and Mathis’ 7 Arrows. It uniquely helps new Christians and mature Christians read God's word personally and powerfully. I pray more churches would use this helpful tool to help their people become saturated with God's word.”


Jedediah Coppenger 

Lead Pastor, Redemption City Church, Nashville, TN

Seven Arrows is not a commentary, but it will help readers understand the Bible better. It's not a homiletics text but it will help readers teach the Bible more clearly. It is for pastors and lay people alike and offers a helpful method for reading an understanding the Bible without spoon-feeding readers interpretation. I love books like this because they help me learn how to think instead of telling me what to read. Matt Rogers and Donny Mathis have given Christians a real gift with this book.” 


Barnabas Piper

Author and Podcaster





Mandarin Chinese


English (Print)




Haitian Creole






Schedule a Conference

Matt and Donny are available to teach a conference designed to equip every member of your church to read the Bible effectively using the Seven Arrows. These conferences can be catered to the needs of your local church and structured in way that the local church pastor deems most beneficial. The overall congregation, or various groups such as college, youth, men’s, or women's ministries, can invest in an intentional equipping process.

Ideally, the training would allow for 6-8 hours of teaching on the following topics:

  • Session 1 – Understanding the Bible as a United Whole

  • Session 2 – Using the Seven Arrows to Read Well

  • Session 3 – Applying the Seven Arrows to Various Types of Scripture

  • Session 4 – Making Disciples Using the Seven Arrows


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